Saturday, April 18, 2020

Book Review: The Sword and the Shield

Malcolm X as the sword wielding," Americas prosecuting attorney" and MLK Jr, the shield carrying "...nations chief defense attorney."

Stars: 4/5

As I was reading about the relationship between Martin & Malcolm, I began thinking about a binary star system (and my knowledge of celestial science is beyond limited, but work with me here). I envisioned these two giants of men spinning around each other, their action plans diverging greatly at the onset. Their gravitational fields - stronger than anything in the vicinity - pulled & pushed on each other and others close to them. Over time they became stronger, brighter, magnetic, and in the end, a sort of convergence of philosophy; almost identical. Even though they were in the same space, history has them meeting only once, but destiny has them linked together forever. Hopefully, The Sword and the Shield will have you in deep reflection as well. This is my third Peniel Joseph book on the shelf.  I was waiting for the release of this book and it was worth the wait.

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*  video source:  National Council for History Education webinar, 2020

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