Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Book Review: Zora and Langston

The Collabo Fallout

Stars: 4/5

I read other reviews where some thought that this book was too scholarly. Well, for one, it was well-researched, including the author re-tracing the trip Zora and Langston took through the South. Secondly, there were several words I had to use google to get the definition. However! I thought the story of their relationship and their relationships with others was absolutely fascinating!

Their relationship status went from ride-or-die: “Langston was not just Zora’s best friend, but one of the few people with whom she felt a deep kinship.”(p.176) to, they in for a squabble, no doubt:  “If Mule-Bone was Zora and Langston’s child, the fight over its fate was their epic custody battle.” (p.190).

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